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Informational Business Meeting - Why Hire a Student Ministry Director in Partnership with Young Life Ministries?

Posted on March 11, 2018

A Student Ministry Director Position

Purpose of the Student Ministry Director Position – The purpose of this position is to work with our students in evangelizing those who are lost, and making disciples within our student ministry. The SMD will work also to equip students to reach out to those who are lost in our community and make disciples among their peers through their spheres of influence.  The SMD will develop and lead service projects and missions opportunities for the students in the student ministry

  1. The Student Ministry Director is expected to work a minimum of 20 hours a week in a variety of ways.
  • Time in the office.
  • Time building relationships and investing in our students spiritually outside scheduled programming at the church.
  • Time spent preparing to teach, plan and execute events with the help and support of the volunteer youth sponsors.
  1. The SMD will work for two years under contract with PVBC and the Young Life organization.
  • Compensation will be $24,000 per year for the two-year agreement payable in the amount of $2,000 per month to the Young Life office.
  1. The SMD will meet with the staff at their weekly scheduled meeting. The staff meeting will attempt to fit the schedule of the SMD knowing he / she will working with the ministry of Young Life as well.
  2. The SMD would oversee the entire student ministry which currently consists of Junior and Senior High students combined.
  • The SMD would plan and oversee the regularly scheduled Wednesday night Chaos Student Ministry time. The SMD would do the majority of the teaching.
  • The SMD will coordinate with the Junior High / Senior High Sunday School teachers about the Sunday morning teaching topics in order to complement the Wednesday evening program teaching topics.  
  • The SMD would plan with the youth sponsors four events / activities minimum that would-be activities other than the regularly scheduled Wednesday night student ministry meeting throughout their two-year term. The purpose for these events would be evangelistic in nature for students to invite their friends to hear the Gospel.
  1. The SMD would be expected to participate in;
  • The yearly Vacation Bible School in early June – mornings from 9 am – 12 noon.
  • The SMD would complete the “Van Training Course” offered by the church and be certified to drive the church van for activities and picking up students for Wednesday night student ministry as needed.
  • The SMD must be willing to transport students back and forth to Pine Lake Camp in the summers of the SMD’s employment. The SMD will also go with the students and volunteer youth sponsors to Pine Lake Camp for the weekend winter retreats during the time of the SMD’s employment
  • The SMD must be willing to communicate and publicize events / activities for the students to respond and bring friends.
  1. The SMD would be available and willing to participate in the 9:15 am worship services on Sunday. May fill the pulpit if the elders desire as the opportunity arises.
  2. The SMD must be willing to do a variety of ministries time permitting, if needed and called upon by the Pastors or elders
  3. The SMD is under the authority of the Pastor / Elder Ed Hedding. A part of the 20 hours a week will be spent in a mentoring relationship with designated member(s) of the leadership of the church.
  4. Outcomes / Goals
  • Evaluation of the SMD at the end of the two-year term will be based on;

                                          i.    Observation and interviews by the Pastor / Elder and / or elders by contacting students, parents, and youth sponsors that the SMD works in ministry with  to see if the SMD performed what was expected by the job description. They will be asked to determine if the SMD had a superior performance, an average performance, a performance that needs much more mentoring, or a poor performance.

                                        ii.    The job description and the observation on the part of the Pastor / Elder, other staff Pastors and the Elder board will be the basis of the evaluation

                                       iii.    The evaluation process would be done at six-month intervals to help encourage and mentor the Student Ministry Director. The evaluations will be discussed with the SMD and an action plan will be developed for follow up in six months.

                                       iv.    At the end of the two-year term, the Pastor / Elder will share the results of the evaluation compiled using the information as stated above

10. The Elders and the SMD may discuss the possibility of the SMD staying on for another two-year term if both are open to that opportunity or the possibility of other ministry options in the church or with Young Life. If for some reason, an issue occurs throughout the two– year term that would prevent the SMD from finishing out their term, a 30-day notice must be given. If it is an emergency, the elders will take the request to end the contract under advisement and make a decision and then notify the SMD as soon as possible.

11. The Elders reserve the right that at any time throughout this two-year term they may terminate said SMD if the person violates, doctrinal issues not consistent with scripture or PVBC doctrinal statement, scriptural terms of leadership, falling into public sin and unwilling to repent, or poor job performance that shows no improvement over a period of time to be determined by the elders.

12. The SMD would become a member of PVBC as soon after his or her beginning ministry at PVBC and as soon as the church membership is made available by the elders of PVBC. The SMD must be in agreement with / compliant to the doctrinal statement of PVBC and respect the policies, convictions, and ministry philosophy of the leadership as it pertains to carrying out the ministry of PVBC.

13. The SMD will take the church required Safeguarding Your Children program (required of all employees and volunteers who work in student ministry), before working directly with the Junior High / Senior High students in order to be certified as an Iowa Mandated Reporter. The SMD will understand and comply with the Safeguarding Your Children policies of PVBC regarding involvement with students in the student ministry of PVBC.


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