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It is Finished - John 19:16-30

Posted on March 18, 2018

It is Finished


John 19:16-30

The declaration by Pilate of Jesus as King of the Jews – John 19:16-22

Application: Do you see the Son of God lifted up on the cross for you?

The Soldiers disregard of Jesus – John 19:23-24

Application: Do you see the Son of God fulfilling prophecy?

The devoted care of Jesus for His mother – John 19:25 – 27

Application: Do you see Jesus selfless act in the midst of tremendous suffering?

The death of Jesus fulfills God’s redemption plan – John 19:28-30

  • It is finished - Tetelestai
    •  It is in the Perfect tense in the Greek language
    • It is very hard to translate into English
    • It means that something happens at a specific time in the past and that event, the effects of it, continue onward into the future

Application: Are you living out in real time the benefits of Jesus death on the cross?

Key Thought: Are you claiming victory after victory as God continues to redeem more areas of your heart?

Questions to Ponder this week

1.    Are you allowing God to win the battles in your heart?

2.    Is the battle still raging in your heart as to who will be in control of all areas of your life?

3.    Is the blood of Jesus enough for you to secure with confidence your salvation?


As you come to the cross today, what is it you are claiming to be victorious over in your life today?