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Jesus Before Pilate: What is Truth? - John 18:28-40

Posted on March 4, 2018

Jesus Before Pilate – What is Truth?

John 18:28-40

Pilate’s encounter with the Jewish religious leaders – John 18:28-32

  • What is the offense? – John 18:28-29
  • Will you execute Jesus for us? – John 18:20 – 32

Application: Hatred left unchecked always leads to a rush to judgment

Pilate’s encounter with Jesus; the King of the Jews – John 18:33 – 40

  • Are you the King of the Jews?
  • Where is your kingdom?
  • What is truth?
  • Should I release Jesus; the King of the Jews?

Application: Hatred leads to rejecting the truth and causes ugly consequences

Key Thought: Jesus faces the full measure of the world and Satan’s hatred and is resolved to trust in God by His acceptance of the verdict.

Questions to Ponder this Week

  1. How do you avoid the rush to judgment when filled with rages of anger and hatred?
  2. How do you avoid being blind to the truth when you react to those who mistreat you?
  3. What will you do this week to have the attitude Jesus displayed in the face of the full fury and wrath of hatred unleashed upon Him?