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Nehemiah Responds to the Internal Opposition - Nehemiah 5:1-13

Posted on February 24, 2019

Nehemiah’s Response to Internal Opposition

Nehemiah 5:1-13

Nehemiah Listens to the Injustices of his People – Nehemiah 5:1-6

  • Grievance #1 – Food Shortage
  • Grievance #2 – Unfair Mortgages
  • Grievance #3 – Usury
  • Grievance #4 – Enslavement of the Jewish people

Application: Do we have ears to hear and eyes to see ungodly injustices around us?

Nehemiah’s Godly Response to the Injustices of the Offending Jews – Nehemiah 5:7-11

  • Nehemiah processed the grievances
  • Nehemiah confronted grievances with wisdom
  • Nehemiah demanded reconciliation of the grievances

Application: Are you and I willing to confront ungodly injustices in a godly way when we see them?

Nehemiah Elicits a Just Promise from the Offending Jews – Nehemiah 5:12 – 13

  • The ask by Nehemiah for a commitment to restore justice
  • The commitment to restore justice

Application: Are you and I willing to hold one another accountable with a repentant heart?

Key Thought: What will you and I do in the face of ungodly injustice?

Questions to Ponder this Week

1.    Are our spiritual antennas up in awareness of people’s hurt?

2.    Are we willing to take action against ungodly injustices?

3.    Are we willing to be held and hold others accountable to reconcile injustices?