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Nehemiah's Humble Generosity - Nehemiah 5:14-19

Posted on March 3, 2019

Nehemiah’s Humble Generosity

Nehemiah 5:14 – 19

The right to claim his privilege – Nehemiah 5:14 – 15a

  • Nehemiah’s credentials
  • Nehemiah’s compassion

Application: Servant leaders identify with their followers.


The reason to be generous – Nehemiah 5:15b – 16a

  • Fear of God
  • Favorably serve with his people

Application: Servant leaders care for the needs of their people.


The rendering of generosity – Nehemiah 5:16b -19

  • I acquired no land for myself
  • I ate with the workers at no expense for them
  • I asked for remembrance of my good deeds

Application: Servant leaders give of themselves.

Key Thought: Serving others with the right motive will always cost you something in exchange for joy

Questions to Ponder this Week

  1. Are you keeping balanced in your perspective of who you are in relation to others?
  2. Do you have a caring heart for those who are following you?
  3. Do you regularly give of yourself using your time or talent or treasure or a combination of all three?