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Servant Heart of Jesus

Posted on September 17, 2017

Servant Heart of Jesus

John 13:1 - 20

Outline of the Gospel of John

Prologue – 1:1 – 18 – Theological Introduction

Jesus Presentation to Israel – 1:19 – 12:50 – Book of Signs

Jesus Preparation of His Disciples – 13:1 – 17:26 – Preparing the disciples for unbelief and discouragement

Jesus Passionand Resurrection – 18:1 – 20:31 – Culmination of unbelief


Postlogue – 21:1-25 – Plans of the Lord for His disciples

Jesus heart to love others to the end – John 13:1 – 4a; Hebrews 12:2

  • Perfect love
  • Perceiving the times

Application: May we experience the depth of love God has for us that is never ending.

Jesus heart to serve others in humility – John 13:4b – 5

  • The ignoble job
  • The importance of the job

Application: May we model Christ-like humility in our attitudes and service to others

Jesus heart to cleanse others of their impurities – John 13:6 – 11

  • Without cleansing, there is no forgiveness of sin
  • Without belief in Christ the heart is left to wander

Application: May we humbly accept the gift of forgiveness from our heavenly Father

Jesus heart to mentor others by example - John 13:12-20

  • Go and do as I have done
  • Greatness is found in our serving and giving to others

Application: May we descend to servanthood so that we can lead others with a servant’s heart

Key Thought: The way to ascend to greatness in God’s eyes is to descend in our perspective about ourselves and serve others.