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The Only Way to Eternal Life - John 12:37 -50

Posted on September 10, 2017

The Only Way to Eternal Life

John 12:37-50

The reason for unbelief – John 12:37-43

  • Failure to accept the evidence – John 12: 37
  • Fulfillment of prediction by Isaiah – John 12:38 - 41
  • Fear of men instead of God – John 12:42 - 43

Application: It is the power of God’s love, the Holy Spirit and God’s Word that brings people to Jesus.

The reason Jesus is the exclusive way to heaven – John 12:44 – 50

  • To believe in God you must believe in Jesus - John 12:44-45
  • To reject Jesus words brings judgment up ones’ self – John 12:46 – 48
  • To receive eternal life is to accept the message from the messenger – John 12:49 – 50

Application: People choose to be where God is not if they reject His message of grace

Key Thought: Are you confident and comfortable saying Jesus is the only way to heaven?


Three Questions to Ponder

1.    How much does it bother you that people who have heard the Gospel still reject it?

2.    Are you fearful of men more than fearing God?

3.    Do you care enough about your fellow man to share the unfiltered truth of God’s way to eternal life?