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The Results of the Census - Nehemiah 10:1-12:26

Posted on April 28, 2019

The Results of the Census

Nehemiah 10:1 – 12:26

The People’s commitment to the contract with God – 9:38 – 10:27

  • They put their names on the line
  • They made sacrifices to fulfill the contract

Application: Are we willing to put our character and reputation on the line for God?

The People’s obligation to fulfill the contract with God – 10:28-39

  • Chastity in marriage – 10:28-30
  • Conformity to the commands of God – 10:31
  • Choosing faithfulness in giving tithes and offerings – 10:32-35
  • Care and support for their pastoral leadership – 10:36 – 38
  • Care and support for their house of God – 10:39

Application: Are there specific areas of our lives that are off limits to God?

The People in leadership named to govern the contract with God – 11:1 – 12:26

  • The structure of society must be orderly
  • The establishment of godly leadership is vital

Application: Do we understand and accept God’s authority in our lives?

Key Thought: Are we giving ourselves over to God out of love or duty?

Questions to Ponder this Week

  1. How are you nurturing your marriage this week?
  2. How are you matching your life to what you read in God’s Word this week?
  3. How are you being faithful to do your part to care and support God’s house?