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The Revival of the Israelites - Nehemiah 9:1-21

Posted on April 7, 2019

The Revival of the Israelites

Nehemiah 9:1-21

The recognition and confession of sin – 9:1-2

  • The signs of repentance – 9:1
  • The separation from sin – 9:2

Application: Are we seeking to be holy and blameless in our lives?

The reading of the law and worship – 9:3-6

  • The power of the Word – 9:3a
  • The plea for forgiveness – 9:3b
  • The praise of a worthy God – 9:4-6

Application: Are you seeking a new sensitivity to the Spirit of God?

The retelling and remembrance of God’s faithfulness – 9:7-21

  • The keeping of the promise to God’s people – 9:7-8
  • The deliverance of God’s people – 9:9-12
  • The guidance and direction of God’s people – 9:13-15
  • The grace and mercy of God – 9:16-21

Application: Are you rehearsing God’s past grace so you can rest in His future grace?

Key Thought: The closer you get to God, the more aware you are of your sin. Are you willing to go there?

Questions to Ponder this Week

  1. Do you ask God to make you more sensitive and aware of your sin?
  2. Are you seeking God’s face of holiness or His hand of blessing only?
  3. In your prayer time, do you rehearse the goodness of God to you in order to give you confidence in an uncertain future?