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Nehemiah Delegates the Work - Nehemiah 3:1-12

Posted on February 10, 2019

Nehemiah Delegates the Work

Nehemiah 3:1 – 32


The Organization of the Team – Nehemiah 3:1

  • The team workers were organized and directed by spiritual leaders
  • The team workers were recognized individually by God
  • The team workers each had their own area of responsibility

Application: God provides structure and a chain of command to fulfill His kingdom work.

The Cooperative Effort of the Team

Application: Every Christ follower is a vitally important part of the team for the work of the kingdom

The Work of the Team- 3:1 - 32

  • Sheep Gate – speaks of the cross of Christ
  • Fish Gate – speaks of winning souls to Christ
  • Old Gate – speaks of the old nature we battle continually
  • Valley Gate – speaks of the humility, suffering and testings we must face as Christ followers
  • Dung Gate – speaks of the works of the flesh
  • Fountain Gate – speaks of the ministry of the Holy Spirit
  • Water Gate – speaks of the Word of God
  • Horse Gate – speaks of the believer’s warfare
  • East Gate – speaks of the second coming of Christ
  • Inspection Gate – speaks of judgment and the judgment seat of Christ

Application: God uses the imagery of the gates to give us a picture of the Christian life.

Key Thought: When a team works in unison to execute God’s plan, there is nothing that can thwart God’s kingdom work.

Questions to Ponder this Week

  1. Are you supportive of the structure and authority of the local church as described in God’s Word?
  2. Are you a team player or a lone ranger when it comes to serving in the local church?
  3. Do you see the value and importance of working in unison as a team to accomplish God’s kingdom work?